Repair Plans

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Basic Repair Plan -- $24.95

How do appliance repair plans help?

Affordable: For only $24.95/month, the Basic Repair Plan helps protect you from the high cost and hassle of unexpected electric and gas appliance breakdowns.

Convenient: When a home appliance breaks, few people have the time to research repair services to find one they can trust.

Trusted Experts:  Our technicians are licensed, certified and pre-screened. An experienced, honest and friendly expert will arrive to repair your home appliance.


  • Appliance repair coverage on parts & labor

  • Licensed technicians you can trust

  • No deductible or trip charges

Appliances Included:

  • Furnace/Boiler (gas, electric or propane)

  • Water heater (gas or electric)

  • Range (gas or electric)

  • Clothes dryer (gas or electric)

  • Air Conditioner (Heat Pump)

Maintenance Plan -- $14.95

Save money, stress and breathe easy for just $14.95 a month, it can help you:

  • Add years to the life of home appliances

  • Keep appliances energy efficient

  • Improve indoor air quality

Once you sign up, an expert will perform important maintenance services on your equipment twice during the year.

Heating Season Maintenance Visit:

  1. Furnace or boiler tune-up

  2. Water heater tune-up

  3. Bathroom fan cleaning (up to 2)

Cooling Season Maintenance Visit:

  1. Central air conditioner tune-up

  2. ​Clothes dryer vent cleaning ​​

  3. Check operation of sump pump​

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